Snowbreak Time

For all of us who have been rather ice obsessed these past weeks, today’s snow storm is a vivid reminder that Christmas is indeed around the corner and it’s probably time to do a bit of catching up. What better way than to start by watching Denis Guertin’s video of Pushaw and Great Pond. Thanks Denis!

The wind never filled in on Sunday for the second day of the Eastern Lakes Championships, but the 2018 regatta is in the books anyway. Nice job Chad.

Speaking of racing, and of women in iceboat racing, have a look at this image. Note the mark in the background. Could that flag identify an ice boat club?

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2 Responses to Snowbreak Time

  1. Ben Fuller says:

    Valuable stuff in the St. Nick’s piece. Need to escalate the crew and costume. Add a main sheet winch. Have the crew trim jib. Stay away from massive hikes observed in background. One of these days I’ll get TIPPY going fast enough to join you for lunch. Meanwhile brought the runner plank and mast in for paint.

  2. Curtis Rindlaub says:

    Thank you Denis!

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