Great Pond was in nice condition today, with big plates of flawless ice punctuated by smaller plates of slightly rough stuff. The wind was light and shifty in the morning, then came on strong and shifty in the afternoon. Dave Godine and Paul Miner didn’t make it in time for this line-up, but Denis Guertin, Jim Gagnon and Bill Bunting did:

Chris Gordon, W-16, came for the day from Nantucket:

There was a sailor from Nantucket
Who stapped his head into a bucket.
He went sailing on ice
and thought Hey this is nice!
Nantucket: who’d have thunk it?

The pits on Great Pond are a bit of a mess with shell ice at the approach and big patches of sand blown on. Making a downwind approach was demanding to say the least.
So the boats are packed up and the idea is to sail Lake Megunticook from Bog Bridge tomorrow. Rain/snow forecast for Friday will make an impact but it looks like smooth sailing after that.

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3 Responses to Sailing

  1. Lee Spiller says:

    There was a sailor from Nantucket
    who looked at the map and said fuckit
    he hooked up his trailor
    to be an ice sailer
    and found it all to be worth it

  2. Just Amazing!
    Just got on board and my first post.
    Lisa and I, Steven. Are getting started with ice sailing. Will be building our ice boat this summer together. Both really looking forward to the build as well as sailing.

  3. chefhannibal says:

    Great day today on Megunticook. I’m looking for ice reports from southern Maine specifically within 1/2 hour of Portland. Wondering about Highland Lake out by Windham. I use a kitewing. Thanks

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