Scratch Racing ON For Tomorrow

The surface of Megunticook has wetted out nicely under the pressure of wind and warmth. Puddles don’t seem deep enough to make shell ice a concern, and there isn’t that much water so perhaps we’ll get away with only a few drain holes. Likely those old white patches with healed drain holes from the last wet-out will be open again. The plate is still tight to the shore in the places we checked.

Beware if ice fishing holes at the bottom of the launch at Bog Bridge. Yes, it’s that time of year again. As always, carry twenty bucks in your boat so if you happen to take out a pop-up you can stop, apologize profusely, ask him howz the fishin, and give him the money.

With the wind predicted to be NW we’ll set a course to the east of Crane Island with a bottom mark at Polly’s Folly. For all the new DN sailors, this is a great way to tune both your boat and your sailing skills all while having a great time. All classes welcome. Thursday might have something to offer as well.

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