Sailing Tomorrow

Jim Gagnon just called in from the Vannah Rd launch on Damariscotta. He says conditions have reverted to a thin layer of snow over slush. This will freeze hard tonight, leaving the snow on top. It will probably be styrofoam. Slush runners will be the runner du jour. Big winds and deep cold forecast all day. There are a few smallish drain holes in the launch area, as well as the perpetual open stream to the right of the launch. Please don’t sail into it on your downwind approach to the pits. Come prepared!

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2 Responses to Sailing Tomorrow

  1. Billy Bluefeather says:

    Those are the exact conditions when i pitchpoled the Ice Jet on Quaboag,,,Broken shoulder!!!!

  2. Keith Frederick says:

    Any one gonna be sailing up there or anywhere tomorrow? 3 or 4 of us are planning on driving up from kennebunkport. We’re all on the landing school sailing team.

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