Sailing Before The Storm 1/19

Way to go, guys! Bryce Geele sent in this report:

“After some volunteer work this morning, then some preparations for the storm at our place in Nobleboro, I headed down the East Pond Road a little after noon, intending to go home to Thomaston for lunch and maybe a snooze on the couch in front of the wood stove. On a whim when I got to Rt One, I took a short detour over to the Vannah Rd. There were a couple of vehicles at the landing, and two familiar sails across the lake. Fast food at the little store in Nobleboro village, a quick trip back up the East Pond Road to pick up my Cheapskate, and I was sailing by about 1:30. We had light but very sailable air for the hour and a half or so that I was there. Bob MacEwen said that he and Tony and Joel had had good moderate air since they arrived soon after 10am until just before I got there. They were taking turns in the two boats. There was nearly as much bare ice as earlier in the week. I didn’t think about pix till we were back at the pits.”

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