Maine Ice Update.

The couple of inches of rain yesterday more than wetted out the lakes. The runoff has left wide moats around access spots at Megunticook and Damariscotta. Temps tonight are unlikely to freeze them. The ice on both Dammy and Megunticook looks nice:

If there was a better wind forecast for tomorrow there might be interest in attempting a crossing. Sunday looks better for wind, but includes a small chance of precipitation. The moats will have shrunk by then as well.

Lee Spiller sent this from Jordan Bay with comment below:

This is Jordan Bay off Raymond Beach Friday afternoon. The hole has 7″ of ice. There is some wet shell near the ramp but farther out seemed ok at least where I went. Should be great Saturday.

Wind forecast for Segago is 4-6 mph tomorrow.

But just to put this lovely plate in perspective, here’s grade -3, Rt.52 launch ramp:

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