Damariscotta Lake 2/1

There is no getting around the snow drifts and the mounds of hard frozen slush. Sometimes a fairway will open up and the smashing and crashing goes quiet. We’ve become spoiled with lovely ice, and it takes a day like this to truly appreciate the magic of this season so far. The ice condition combined with the shifty gusty west wind made for challenging sailing, but it was sailing. Still not a better place to be on a February first than on a big frozen lake.

The worst of the speed bumps are in the south end, if softens somewhat as you go north and you’re left with just the snow, as above. Not a place to be on a light air day, which Sunday is shaping up to be. Winds tomorrow will be fine for blasting through.

Feast your eyes on this photo at your big old desk top. The phone just won’t do it. And for those coming sailing tomorrow, do know that every patch of white that you see here will slow you down. Best to have short 3/16″ plates.

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  1. Steve Madden says:

    Bill and company….you guys are doing a great job reporting ice and conditions. Not a bad season so far. Keep it up.

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