Apparent Wind Mind Bender

Some of you have seen this on the NEIYA site, but watch it again. Would it really work? If we towed an iceboat in zero wind could it be made to sail on its own?

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5 Responses to Apparent Wind Mind Bender

  1. davidcockey says:

    It wouldn’t work on ice, unless the iceboat was on an ice floe in a river. The key to the Artermis claim is the differential speed between the air and the water which is flowing in a river. A boat floating on the river but not moving relative to the water would see a wind.

    So what seems like perpetual motion actually isn’t.

  2. Lee Spiller says:

    Bungie cord launch!

  3. david buckley says:

    This possible so long as the boats course is not straight into or stragiht with the current.Best,David 

  4. Andy Lee says:

    Niles pond discussion group verdict: Total Malarkey

  5. cleversky says:

    Will work absolutely fine provided the ice is moving. But glaciers tend to be really slow. Other than that, ice really tends to be stationary.

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