Gold Cup Update

Scott Valentine from Long Island checks in from Lima, Ohio:

Today was a practice day. The ice is hard and fast. The wind was 5-8mph. Made adjustments. Tried out the adjustments. Made new adjustments. Tried out the adjustments. You get the idea. We also did a few practice laps with an assortment of people. At the end of the day Pete and I went for one last lap. We were sailing with someone named Ryan from Toledo. Ryan was next to me and Pete was behind us. Then Ryan suddenly disappeared into a hole. Pete saw it. Both of us looped around. Ryan jumped out out the water and Pete sailed him back to the shore. Pete came back with our Canadian friend, Colin. We were able to extricate the boat from the hole. Ryan came back out just as the boat was pulled out. He thanked us, and sailed the boat back to shore. He’ll be back sailing tomorrow.

Scott Valentine

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