Change of Plans

Most of Maine had a slow painful trickle of light snow all day. The way the flakes looked fro out the window in the light air, with up drafts, side drafts, and no drafts reminded more of a plague of locusts than snowfall. All flittering about, ravishing our fresh crop of new ice.
Mt. Desert got an inch, Damariscotta Lake received two. But the snow is cold and light. The wind forecast for tomorrow is rather generous so it may very well blow off. If you haven’t sailed on a big lake getting blown clear, this might be your chance. Have a look at what’s under the snow at Vannah Rd:

Yes, that’s water in the foreground. The creek has blown its banks and renders the ramp unusable.

Over in the corner where the steps are, there appears to be solid ice right to the shore. We plan to meet at 9:30 and see what’s what. If we can’t get on, we’ll have a look at the north end at Lake Farm.
Thanks to Bryce Geele for taking these pictures yesterday. Ice checking is for everyone!

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