Possible Sailing

Looks like the area will get some rain on Monday. It will probably be enough to wet out the snow; the moderate cold Monday night might freeze it. Great winds for Tuesday, a bit less on Wednesday. Rest of the week touch and go with warming temps.

If you have been meaning to build or buy slush runners ever since last year at this time, time is almost up. Because there is not a big accumulation of snow on the coastal lakes there is a chance for some good surface recoveries from here on out. Slush runners will help.

In news from MIT, the iceboat team has recently received formal recognition of the team from the university administration. Thatcher Chamberlain and others have been working on this for over a year. Congratulations! As far as we know this is the only university level iceboat team in the country.

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1 Response to Possible Sailing

  1. Karen Binder says:

    Bill..The MIT news is great. What a great way to get the next generation into ice boating…Great meeting you last weekend! Karen Binder

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