Damariscotta Lake ON

The water has drained and evaporated away and left behind granular ice. The surface is rather hard today, with areas of soft stuff but by tomorrow will be good to go. Certainly by Monday the cold in the teens forecast for Sunday night will finish the job. Looks like smooth sailing from there on out.

We will be launching from the beach at the north end.

There is a trailer width cut in the ice heaved up along shore. Enter the loop road from the south entrance, then back down.

If the ground is soft please don’t park where you’ll create ruts.

Ice is 24” in this drain hole. There are two holes like this just off the beach. Please keep you eyes open for others. The pressure ridge that has been separating the north and south broads appears to still be there. Proceed with caution until the layout is determined.

The bad news is that the inn has been closed for the winter. We’ll need to bring our own drinks and lunch, and those from away will find The Senator in Augusta be the best bet for accommodations.

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