Fat Lady Belts It Out on Pushaw, 3/26

> Two amazing days of full sun, full wind and hard ice. Yesterday it was balls to the wall racing top to bottom, lap after 15 mile lap. Today the wind were a bit less reliable so we just sailed for the pure joy and wonder of it. There’s great freedom that comes with cruising: the freedom to take any puff and do with it what you will. So what if you aren’t pointing as high as possible. A close reach will still get you there but the sailing is more powerful; but remember, there’s no “there” to get to. Just following along behind the other guys, or if you find yourself in front then leading them down some windless rabbit hole between a rock and a pressure ridge just so see if we can make it out. And when you’re in a boat that’s so comfortable and capable then you can go on for hours.

> The surface became better and better as the high March sun did its thing. It will look like this for a few more days, but warmth and rain is coming to punctuate the Fat Lady’s aria. >
> A possible encore could be on South Twin or Moosehead. Neither came in last season, right Rick? But South Twin is starting to shape up. Watch the web cam and the weather!

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