Chickawaukie Ice

According to official Chicky Ice Monitor Lloyd Roberts, ice out on the lake is called at today, 6:oopm. Damariscotta is not far behind. Megunticook is half out, and Hosmer and Mace’s still have everything intact. The mystery of ice and micro climates continues to baffle and enchant. The ice is such a gift; acres of hard slippery stuff just crying out to be played upon. And then one day it’s gone, water gone soft, limp, swishing this way and that, not sure what to do with itself until once again the cold comes.

Meantime, have a look at this great clip of sailing: state of the art 1935. Iceboats show up eventually, and then some stern steering land yachts.

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2 Responses to Chickawaukie Ice

  1. John Pepper says:

    Bill, hate to see the ice go, but love the prose of your reports. I will miss both this summer.

  2. Bryan Hitchcock says:

    And Mirror Lake is still shore to shore tight

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