Happy Summer Solstice

While most people celebrate the Solstice as the beginning of summer, we iceboaters know that what it actually means is the the days will now begin to get shorter. And when they get really short, and the bugs are gone, the long cold nights will begin to make ice. The 2020 season will be upon us.

Bob MacEwan will be ready with his new Mini-Skeeter. Nice pant job Bob!

Chris Malliet isn’t far behind with his new Mini-S build. Let’s plan on some spirited racing, gentlemen! We’re still waiting for some one to fit a Mini-Skeeter with a modern DN rig…

Here’s an interesting take on slush runners. The common variety is simply made from a ninety degree stainless angle. Another way is to use hard coated aluminum hex stock sliced down the middle, glued to a wood body, and the 120 degree edge facing the ice.

It bends much easier than the angle and fairs nicely into the forward curve of the body. The larger angle should support the boat better on the slush, but will there be enough “bite” to prevent excessive leeway? A big Yankee had a set of these some years ago and was apparently very satisfied with their performance. This set is for Breck Holladay’s Nite so we’ll have a good report sometime around next April.

And lastly, this tidbit from Father’s Day:

What do you call a Dad who goes through a hole in the ice?

A Popsicle…..

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