More on Hal Chamberlain’s B Skeeter

This from Fred Greis:

These pics are from when we set it up last year out at Mike’s marina. I acquired it from a club member who was moving south. Mike Acebo and I have more pics of the boat/ trailer. The trailer is amazing. The most custom and purpose built I have seen. It needs some tlc but it is just wonderful. It has a bunch of placards and decals from event that the couple attended around the world. Trailer and boat must never be separated. This boat has a deep profile glass mast. It’s a two seater and has a unique brass mechanism to move the helm from one side of the cockpit to the other. She is a sweet two seat B and would be an easy boat to set up. It is currently shrink wrapped at the marina on eastern Long Island.

Contact George Neyssen at 203-361-7642.

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