November 16 Opener At Plymouth Pond

Plymouth Pond has been such a loyal friend to the CIBC for so many years, and today was no exception. There’s a long view from the road as you crest the final hill on the decent to the pond. Yesterday it was white, this morning it was black. The snow had melted in the full sun yesterday with temps in the high thirties. Not having to set foot on new ice covered by snow was a great relief.

The downside was that we’d lost half an inch of thickness. The rule of thumb when using an ax to check the ice is that if the blunt end goes through you will, too. Well, the blunt end went through, so I simply swung it more carefully. Gagnon and I donned skates and sounded our way across, finding a consistent two inches, with three back in the marshes.

It was cold and windy and the ice felt marginal, but we just had to rig the boats, go for a sail, and then we could go home. But we all know what happens then: the adrenaline rush which has laid dormant for many months kicks in and the next thing you know you’re sheeting it in, hiking and spinning out, grinning ear to ear.adrenaline

And then Dave Fortier showed up, suggested we have the Linc Davis regatta, and so we set up marks. All thought of marginal ice were well banished at the start. Five races were sailed.


Bill Buchholz: 1,dnf,2,1,1

Dave Fortier: 2,1,1,2,2

Jim Gagnon: 3,2,3,3,3

Lloyd Roberts also showed up, but decided to take a spin in his old Cool Tool rather than set up the Cheapskate. Breck Holladay was working in the area and had wisely packed his Lockley Skimmer, which showed a remarkable turn of speed.

The ice will build a bit tonight, but due to a poor wind forecast all the boats came home and there are no plans to sail tomorrow. Might be a great day for a skate, though.

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