Hobbs Pond 12/8

The first weekend in December has long been the CIBC’s traditional opening, and surprisingly, we have made it more years than not. So what a treat to have found this lovely pate of ice. Thanks to Jory Squibb for scouting it yesterday and rousing the masses. Well, not quite all the masses, but four iceboats and two skate sailors. It was very short notice, of course, which seems to be a pattern lately. And it’s not going to get any better with this coming week’s forecast throwing at us everything in the book.

Congratulations to Bob McEwen on the launching of his new Mini Skeeter, MS 106. She sailed wonderfully, keeping pace with Jory, and best of all: nothing broke. David Jones took on the Herculean task of setting up the mighty Hagary “Zeus”, which was un-catchable all day, but what a delight to be behind her and watch her sail.

The thin layer of light snow silenced the runners, but did nothing to slow them down. The SW wind blew straight up the pond and was such a benevolent breeze: steady and warm. Nothing like that capricious northwester who can never decide if he’s a west or a north.

Meanwhile on Damariscotta Lake, Jim Gagnon reports an inch of ice with the same dusting we had today. Will it survive the warm rain?

Web Cam still not in service there, but we’ll be working on it soon.

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  1. Reynolds, Scot says:

    Question… is Damariscotta Great Bat still open water? I live in MD, cottage in Great Bay below Wavus. I will spend the holidays there for the first time. I sailed DN 1919 and 1880 on Sodus Bay with my Father/Friends pre 1982.
    Hull 1919 is in my brothers garage idle for the past 40 years.
    I think I should start building new!

    General Manager Service Operations
    Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

    Pardon, response Sent from my iPhone

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