Sabattus Lake, Friday the 13th

      Wednesday afternoon the news started to flow via text messaging and email at about 1230. Lee was in the vicinity of Sabattus lake and said he “had to check it” he said it was looking good. The next day even though other skaters failed to arrive, Lee went skating solo on the “friggin” awesome ice” and found melt holes solid, and everything groovy.
       Jim was able to post the good news on this site, and we communicated that we would arrive at the site early, as the wind forecast earlier was best. I had no Thursday night date so early to bed for me with hopes of getting to the lake by 0800. Indeed I made it to the boat launch by 0800, and all looked as advertised. Soon Jim arrived and we were both setting up when our miniskeeter contingent arrived. Soon there were five of use all set up and digging the semi-adequate wind reaching across the lake. We went back to the launch after an hour or so, adjusted gear, snacked a bit and headed back out. Sailed all over the lake hitting semi-iceboat speeds on that black ice for another hour or so, then back to the launch site for snack, fix, adjust, lunch. Some sailors from MA had arrived and they were completing their setup as we went out for another cruise. We sailed the length of the lake, stopped and talked to some ice fisherman, then decided to line the boats up for a photo, and then wasted a bit more time. When we started to sail back to the launch site the wind had died. There was just enough for me to push, jump in, push, jump in a half dozen times before I just decided to walk and push the boat, and shed a bit of outerwear. 
       We all made it back after walking much of the length, finding that the sailors from MA did get a bit of sailing in, though not legendary. We all packed up and were off the ice driving down the road before dark. I am doing my best to write a readable synopsis, and wish that I were more able to recall names to include. Cheers all, as I sit here typing I hear medium strength rain on my roof.

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