Imminent Sailing

First, tip of the helmet to the CIBC officers for picking up the slack in ice reports while the usual guy was in Wisconsin chasing DNs around a couple of big day-glo marks. Marks, by the way, that we’ll be seeing a lot more of at CIBC events this season.

We’re watching two lakes very carefully: Pushaw and South Twin. Pushaw seems to have recovered somewhat from the deluge unleashed upon it a few days ago. Two inches of rain reduced the thickness by half and opened up a wide moat. But it’s looking better today, and with low overnight temps should be in good shape soon. Sadly, there is snow coming late tomorrow and the edge of the flakes is close. We’ll have a good on-the-ice report tomorrow so we’ll at the very least know what’s under the snow.

It measures out at a solid three inches:

As soon as it gets light in the morning have a look at the web cam at South Twin Lake in Millinockett. The lake looks great in the morning light, but I think this plate would look good in any light. Millinockett appears to fall on the clear side of the snowy front crabbing its way across Maine late tomorrow and early Wednesday.

Either way, there is no wind forecast for tomorrow or Wednesday. Thursday and Friday look spectacular, so the plan now is wait and see what the snow hits and then make the call for sailing on Thursday and hopefully into the weekend.

Lastly, kudos to Denis for sneaking in a ball-busting high wind blast on Lac Abenakis today. He reports that he won every race of the day.

Note the storm sail and the boom half-way in a whip. Way to go Denis! That sail, by the way, is a Henry Bossett design and gives a nice combination of power in the narrows and flatness when flat out.

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