Winni The Third Day

Well, the third day started like the second day just a light breeze enough to get you out there. The DN’s were tuned and race ready and made good work out of the light air. You can really tell who keeps there boat tuned when the winds are not. As Leo would say “ in light wind know your boat in heavy wind know the rules”
Today we had 28 boats, as I counted, on the ice. The MIT DN team shower up and made a good showing. About 1:00 someone flipped the switch and we had wind, the speeds increased and hiking began it was a great feeling to be at it again. The marks had been set and some races were held but I’m not sure of any of the results.
There was a professional photographer on site who I was able to make contact with and hope to receive some pics from, (for a later post). By 3:00 wind was dying and the ice on the small 3” cracks which was 5” in the morning was now down to 1/4” a DN sailor directly in front of me hit one parallel and dropped a runner through (no damage no harm) my signal to call it a day. Most people were starting to pack up and pull off the ice in anticipation of the change in weather. A few boats were planning on sailing the morning wind today as the forecast was for good in front of rain.
At this point, it is only rain in the forecast so stay tuned for a chance at Winni 2. Note: The mystery man on crutches was not a sailing incident.

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  1. William Tuthill says:

    FYI the high number of fishermen on Quabog Pond in MA did not mean safe ice! I am just back from a self rescue. Was in up to the shoulders for 3-4 minutes. Kicked skis off, and managed to keep them. Put wing on ice, and used picks to get out. Will

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