Jordan Bay

Here’s the ice this morning. It has lost some thickness since skated last week; probably down to an inch.
It’s a far more appealing than some of the re-surfaced wet out crud we see elsewhere. Some of that stuff will be scouted today and hopefully we’ll be sailing tomorrow.

If Jordan Bay can hang on until the weekend and build thickness over the forecast cold nights this week, there’s a possibility of a regatta on Saturday. For those of us who endured the lunar surface ice conditions of Fort Peck Reservoir at the NAs last week a plate so achingly smooth makes us weak in the knees.

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2 Responses to Jordan Bay

  1. Rick Bishop says:

    HI Bill-

    Holding our breath here on Cape Cod!

    We are loaded up and ready to go if Saturday looks good.

    Had planned to go to NA’s but we concluded Montana was a bit far for two drivers.


    Rick Bish

  2. Charlue says:

    Several of us are scouting Winni from Wolfeboro bay
    It looks promising but no numbers yet. Potential for Hardway

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