The CIBC was represented out on Winnipesaukee on 1/29/20 doing what we are known for. Cruising big reaches of ice, crossing pressure ridges, sailing fast across black ice, stopping to gather up and have a gam. We mighr have been able to sail the Hardway distance but the West end of the lake was getting progressively rougher and the sun was getting lower. On everyone’s minds werr the big wet cracks and active pressure ridges that were dead down wind in 10 kts + of breeze.Charlie and Ann Sylvanius, Roger Pickall, Karin Wilson, Lee Spiller, and Jerome a local fast and bold sailor sailed From Brewster Beach nearly to Six Mile Is. before the prudent time to turn around came. We could see the Mount Washington at her winter berth in Center Harbor ahead but that was still 6 miles away. As it was we got back to the beach after the sun was below the hills.
Boats are still on the iceat Brewster Beach. Huge areas of incredible ice. Pressure ridges and wet cracks, duh, it’s a big lake. But the miles in between are sailing heaven.

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