Wind On Dammy Holds!

The wind that was supposed to die off mid morning held beautifully until well after lunch. Denis Geurtin, who leaves for the tropics on Sunday, needed to sail the last puff down before leaving. He came ghosting respectably in. As Lloyd always says, pushing back to the pits is not an option: you have to sail it back no matter what.

We managed two more trips down the river, with tight racing both directions. Not clear who won as one guy wasn’t told where the downwind mark was. Thankfully he didn’t get wet…

The ice seemed a bit rougher to some today, but the consensus was that you feel it more when sailing slowly. At yesterday’s warp speeds we were more in the air than on the ice!

Speaking of rough ice, have a look at this photo taken this afternoon of Jordan Bay from Pat Keely:
He reports 2″ plus, no zippering or cracking. Temps tonight in the mid teens should sock in close to another inch. Sadly, there’s not much wind in the forecast over the weekend, but see above to de-bunk that!

The DN New England Champs are scheduled for this weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee. See the neiya site for details. Light air racing on smooth ice is FUN!

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