Two boats, a kite wind and a many skaters show up to share the ice from Vannah Road. The ice seemed to be only getting better with age. A nice breeze came up and the sailors enjoyed a quick ride out of the pit and up towards the southern broads. Unfortunately a 10’ wide pressure ridge has grown running from shore to shore south of the point where you round up to head to deep cove and the great ice of the river. The boaters, unable to finding a safe crossing choose to sail the lower section until the wind softened and the boats were parked of the night. Better winds are forecast for tomorrow and more boats are expected to show.
Several of us later skated up to the pressure ridge and were able to find a small crossing on the east side, stepping over rocks and logs, we gained access to some great ice and enjoyed a good skate as the sun was getting low.
Two boats were left on the ice hoping for better conditions for tomorrow and a chance to gain access to the other side. See you then.

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