Lake Winnipesaukee Feb. 1 & 2

About thirty boats showed up for the New England Championships. As it was Ground Hog Day weekend it was appropriate that Saturday was a repeat of a couple of days last week at the North Americans: push and glide, chat with friends, nap in the boat. There was a bit of a puff early, but getting back downwind to the pits was a challenge; certainly impossible for racing.

But today the promised breeze showed up early and the first start was at ten. There were a few pressure ridges to cross before getting to the course; one had a marked crossing which was very helpful. The course was set up smack in the middle of the lake with breathtaking views in all directions. The ice was grade 8-9 and hard in spite of the warm temps. Sharp runners ruled the day and those who sailed out from the sandy pits and didn’t change runners had all they could do to get around the bottom mark. And those fools who didn’t sharpen up after the super gritty pits of Montana were barely able to keep the boat going in a straight line.

A small fleet of cruisers sailed up from Wolfboro, and a number of skeeters went touring out of the Ellacoya launch. There were skaters, wing sailors and kiters: a regular Winni frolic in all but the name.

Race results will be posted soon on the NEIYA site. Thanks to Mike and Peter for scoring, and to our own champ T for running a terrific race.

Looks like great wind tomorrow here in Maine and there will be a post soon regarding local plans.

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