Presidents Day Cup

In honor of the holiday and past presidents, the NEIYA inaugurated The Presidents Day Cup and held it at Quabog Pond today. The hard core of eastern DN racing showed up, with a few notable exceptions, and seven races were run. Secretary Karen Binder did an excellent job of organizing and running the event. There were a handful of cruisers as well, who took their laps while the DN fleet rested between races. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share such a small plate of ice with both groups. Happily, this is usually how it works out.

Here’s a perfect example. The Pocket Skeeter is flanked by a pair of racing DN’s. For the DN’s he becomes an element in the course, no more no less. He or she sees you, you see them, and you maneuver accordingly.

Breaking down at the end of the day. There are still a few boats on the ice planning to sail tomorrow. The ice is just about perfect, and probably safe to say the best known ice in the USA.

Stand by for race results.

Light snow here in Maine this morning didn’t do too much damage. Still hoping for rain Tuesday and cold soon thereafter.

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