Quabog 2/17

Kate Morrone sent this report from today at Quabog:

We had a great day today. There were 5 of us who had left our boats on the ice in the morning. The wind was stronger than yesterday and gusty. Around noon up showed another 6 or 7.

Around 1:00 a guy from LI sailed into the open water that was marked with the cone (operator error). His buddy he was sailing with was near when Bob and I stopped. Bob got his throw rope out and the friend and Bob were able to pull him out. He said he wanted to get his boat but luckily his friend was firm about taking him to shore. Bob called the FD to report it. They came with a hover craft to retrieve it but could not find it and thought because of the current it got pulled under the ice. It was an older wood DN.

The sailing was fun all day and we were done by 2ish. The ice turned soft all of a sudden and our runners were digging in.

Who’d of thought to carry slush runners in the middle of February?

Presidents Day Regatta results have been posted at http://www.theneiya.org.

Photos yet again by Jackie Mushinsky.

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