All’s Well at Quabog

Bob Strzelewicz completed the salvage operation on Quabog today. He was able to get far enough out with just waders.

The summary of the de-briefing with the sodden skipper is basically this: stay well hydrated and fed. Dehydration leads to disorientation and confusion, which was the major cause here.

Thanks, Bob, for the terrific effort!

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3 Responses to All’s Well at Quabog

  1. William Tuthill says:

    Hi Bill I am hoping to Sail Quabog on Friday with STS wing sailing champion Annie Tuthill. Eager to hear any news about ice conditions there. We had quite the adventure at WISSA 2020. Not sure if you heard… I spent a good 5 minutes in the water at Quabog a couple of weeks ago. Went through with skis on. Could have been out in seconds but wanted to save my skis, so I stayed😀 Driving home ( 2 hours) naked with a ski had over the shriveled “ man parts” was humiliating. Showering, and drying the clothes was “ fun”. For the coup de gras I was in bed when the car alarm went off. Had to go pull the key fob apart to keep the water from shorting out the circuitry in there. Thank you for the reports! Nakemiin Will

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  2. John Pepper says:

    If the Club had a ProBowl, Bob S would surely make the team!

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