Orienteering Results Adjustments

It was pointed out today that we need to give James Lamb a finish position because he towed Milo Fleming across the finish line. It was Milo that brought this up.

This puts James Lamb in 10th with a time of 1:36:30 and bumps Ralph Ferguson to 11th.

Bryce Geele is W-20, not 21.

That done, a small fast group toured the lake today in a very strong breeze. The wind was south, which measurably changed the lake’s sailing dynamics.

The river section runs N-S, so short tacking down and then running back up was amazing. And doing it in tight formation with skilled fast sailors just added to the joy. We stopped for lunch to savor the place.

There were a couple of shifty, challenging lees but when back in the broads it was full speed, bent mast sailing. We set marks for scratch racing, ran laps to exhaustion and then tucked back into the back bays for light air technical sailing. It’s a magnificent lake to give us such a great variety of conditions.

The ice softened by 2:00 to full bore slush but with the big wind it was wonderful following behind another boat watching the ice pellets peeling off the runner into a big bow wave.

Marginal conditions for the foreseeable future. Rumors are tickling about Champlain and Canada, and now it’s time to start watching South Twin and Moosehead. Be ready!

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