Mille 100 Video

Warren Darress made this. Thankfully not the whole 100, but it is long. If you know the lake and the course you’ll find it compelling, especially when he has you in his sights. He’s been sailing his entire life and it shows in the way he constantly works the boat. Warren had this to say:

Just wanted to thank you and your team for getting Pushaw Lake checked and marked. For me, it was my one time out this year, and certainly worth the 500 mile drive each way to Bangor ME from Smithtown Long Island NY. The iceboaters were so friendly, and my extra crew chiefs George Neyssen and Tony Bosco were unbelievable. Thanks to the late Rich Crucet, I have a relatively new axle and wheel bearings on my 40 year old trailer. It was also wonderful seeing Tom Nichols who I have known for 55 years.

While Saturday was too much wind, Sunday was great. I did want to let you know I did join the 100 mile race crossing the starting line just after you guys took off. After 1.3 Laps, and the 15 minute slack wind 5 miles from the launch site, I decided to head back to the launch area when wind came back up. With snow ice starting to melt, I figured be safe with wind, and don’t chance pushing back 5 miles. I continued to sail nearer the launch area.

Iceboating Pushaw Lake Bangor, ME 03-08-20 100 Mile

Thanks Warren!

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