Plank Jacks

DN sailors need not pay any attention to this post unless you’d like to do a bit of eye rolling. There’s no way around it: big boats are heavy. In a fresh breeze on a big lake there’s no place you’d rather be, but when it comes time to set up, break down or just put the boat on stands for the night lifting the plank (with the legs, not the back!) needs to be done with care lest you snap something. Here are a few Skipper’s Little Helpers.

The one missing from the gallery below, which is also very effective, is a simple parallelogram When flattened it slides under the plank, and then the handle moves it into more of a square as the plank comes up. The geometry is such that it goes over center and locks.

The one above was invented by J.R. Pepper. You slide the stand under the plank in flattened form and then simply haul on the small tackle and secure with a cam cleat. Something slippery on the feet of the stand will make it go easy.

This is a bit more complex, but also elegant. The geometry should be self-explanatory.

It also locks over center so you can install or remove a runner, eliminating the need for stands during set-up.

And if you happen to have a worn-out shovel, this is the perfect use for it. Does not lock over center, but it’s only a shovel: what do you expect?

For those still thinking ice, here’s a rather gloomy shot of Dammy at Vannah Rd.:

Aside from the obvious, Jim’s photo has a wonderful winter in the English countryside feel to it.

News from Moosehead and South Twin is looking good. Rain through Friday at both lakes will be followed by clear, cold and windy days. Stand by to self isolate in the Great North Woods.

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  1. William A Tuthill says:

    And therein lies the reason that our family South Bay Scooter stands idle. It takes a village to lift it :-(Meanwhile Velocity Wing Sails propel riders with skis across all manner of nastiness. With Kindest regards from ice free Rhode Island W

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