Sailing Over The Border

As we watch little waves lap the muddy shores of our beloved lakes, there’s a different story up north. It seems that the Fat Lady was stopped at the border and could not get into Quebec. Denis Guertin has this to report:

MONDAY: Today was just crazy speed sailing. The south portion of the lake is a North – South orientation. Today’s wind was South and really good for our DN rigs. We just sailed tacking upwind to the South end of the lake, and then sailed high speed downwind to the island near my camp.
We had to stop at 3:00 because Frank had a side stay just about to break. In fact, it is the short cable used to lengthen his DN sidestay to fit the Whizz that was the problem. We were lucky that he saw it before it breaks far away from the camp !!
More sailing in the forecast for us… maybe Wednesday if Frank is free from work. Just a bit of snow expected tonight, but nothing serious. Forgot to mention that we had 4 DNs sailing with us this afternoon…

“FRIDAY: I got here in Lambton at about 2:30. I did not even care to walk on the ice and decided to rig my Whizz to enjoy that nice little breeze that I felt on the shore. So I put my skunners just in case the surface would be too soft.
I jumped into the boat, downhill from the shore to the lake because the water level is so low… and stalled in 1,5’’ of sticky wet slush. I tried to get going but the wind was not strong enough for this sticky slush. I went back to the shore!
It will freeze hard tonight, giving me one of the best ice of the season tomorrow.., oups! Sorry… I should say an acceptable ice tomorrow!! But the wind forecast is one of the worst of the season!!! But the boat is ready to go… just in case!!

SATURDAY: My boat has been laying there all day, waiting for just a little breeze to come, but nothing came. I know it must be difficult for you to have this ice just under your eyes and not be able to enjoy it, but can you imagine how it is for me to have it just under my FEET and not be able to enjoy it.

It will freeze again tonight, rain expected tomorrow at around noon, and SE wind early in the morning. Guess who will sail in the morning tomorrow?? The ice is amazingly smooth… oups, sorry again!! The ice looks OK, but we have seen better!! The frozen slush made like a topping of icing on a cake!! No more snowmobile tracks, all even and smooth as far as I want.

Stay tuned for the end of the story tomorrow… hoping for a happy ending!!”

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  1. Breck Holladay says:

    Sure wish the border wasn’t closed.

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