Fat Lady Still Detained at Border

Today from Denis Guertin:

“Yesterday night, I heard that Lake St-Francois was mixed slush and very thin wet snow. Forecast for the night was 27 deg. and 10 mph NE wind in the morning. So I made a late decision to come early in the morning to take advantage of the hard surface, if any.

I was on the ice at 9:30. The wind was already there, but my biggest surprise was that amazing ice, again. It was half grey ice, half high density styrofoam. I had chosen to use my skunners because I expected that it would be too soft, but I really didn’t need the skis. They almost never touched the snow. It was hard and perfectly even all over the plate.

I sailed 3 hours with just a couple of stops to talk with ice fishermen. According to them, there is still 16’’ of ice. So I practiced social distancing during those 3 hours, sharing this big sheet of ice with only 2 fishermen!!

I know we say that each and every time we sail, but it was one of the best ice and wind of the season!! It became soft at 12:30. So I quit, but I had an awesome and unexpected morning of sailing. The only thing missing was my best sailing buddies to share this, but you were in my mind every time I hiked, tacked, reached, jibed …..

W-10 does it again.

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