Project Time

Lockley man Rob Dmitriof has upped his game significantly thanks to a viral Craigslist post from western New York State. As Rob was unpacking his score he kept accentuating the “western”…

The post was bounced around all over New England before landing in Rob’s lap, and he didn’t hesitate. A few days later this package arrived at a friend’s sawmill. Some of it will wind up in the sawdust pile, but there is a wonderful boat in there. It’s essentially a two person Renegade with a custom stern. She has the Renegade steering system, right down to the marginal hand steering, and it’s built offset to the port side. Rob says that works for him as he’s left-handed. Didn’t quite know how to respond to that so let it go.

The decks are planked with cedar planks, some of which will need replacement, and the bottom needs to be replaced, but the bones are good and hopefully the scrollwork can be saved. The mast, however, even though it also has some lovely scroll work, is beyond the power of epoxy.

There was a broken diamond stay which probably led to its demise. Plank and runners are good, as is boom and sail. What better way to spend in splendid isolation than restoring a wonderful old iceboat. We’re all rooting for you Rob and look forward to the launching party on Plymouth Pond next November. The club will supply the Champagne. It’s what your dues are for!

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