Rookie Of The Year

Milo Fleming, who made exploring the art of iceboating his eighth grade project, gives us his final presentation here. Way to go, Milo!

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7 Responses to Rookie Of The Year

  1. Charles Silfvenius says:

    What an awesome job! Keep up the good work of promoting the sport and getting new blood in. I built a couple of ice birdS with some of my students years back. I wonder if they still have them?

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  2. Kate Morrone says:

    Well done Milo!

  3. Drew Zerstsky says:

    Great job Milo and the CIBC promoting youth ice boating. Ice boaters every where can be inspired by this great story of what appears to be a new very dedicated youth ice boater. Young people today have so many options and demands on their time we are recruiting fewer of them into our ranks. I hope Milo’s video can inspire some more young people to take up the wonderful sport of ice boating.
    Drew Zeratsky
    Vice Commodore
    Green Lake Ice Yacht Club

  4. Denis Guertin says:

    Very, very interesting Milo. Congratulations for this unique school project! I am glad I had the chance to meet you last winter and I hope to see you on the ice again next season.

  5. Jim Gagnon says:

    Great job Milo!
    I’ll see you on the ice next season.
    Jim Gagnon
    CIBC W 5

  6. dnkellygreen says:

    Milo, You are a natural on camera. Really nicely done!. Hope to see you next season on the ice and invite some friends! You are the next generation of ice boaters.

    Karen Binder, DN 5630

  7. Joel Tompkins says:

    Bill: Nice job mentoring this this charming young man.

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