David Ross sent this comment about how we arranged the starts at the landsailing regatta. Any other thoughts?

I’ve been wanting to write you the last post, and starting in particular. I think your diagnosis of the outsized importance of sprinting is exactly right, and I think your modified start procedure is brilliant. I think it should be considered for all DN racing. Sprinting on ice is the same as paddling at the start of a race on water!

I’m thinking that your “pushed a little upwind” could be codified in a race by either having a line spray painted onto the ice, say, 10 yards upwind of the start line, at which the sailor must be in his boat. An alternative could be a second signal, a horn perhaps, at, say, 5 seconds after the start, by which time the sailor must be in the boat.

I guess my first question is whether you think this idea might fly? Do you think the DN world would be receptive? I wonder if Warren Nethercote would be a good sounding board at this stage?

Full disclosure, I’m 70 and my sprinting speed, never good to begin with, has slowed to just more than a crawl! But that’s not my main motivation as I’m not racing much any more.

David Ross

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