New Mini Skeeter

Well, not exactly new: it’s number 21, and the class is now well into the hundreds. This boat began life some years ago as a student project, but as the guy was on the ski team the iceboat didn’t stand a chance. But the bare frame inspired Frank Able to commission MS 33, Rolling Rock, which led to Mssrs Squibb, MacEwen and Malliet to build theirs.

John “Numb Nuts” Hanson bought the frame a few years ago and finished in his basement; this will be the year of her maiden voyage.

We now have four Mini Skeeters in Maine. The only differences in the boats, aside from some transom detailing, are the mast stiffnesses. I won’t say anything more than that, but it will be wonderful to see these boats duking it out. The dream scenario would be that all four show up at first ice on Plymouth and take part in the Linc Davis Cup as their own class. What say you gents?

For Bill Bunting, Fred Musser, and beer lovers in general here’s a clip to make your mouth water. And never let anyone tell you that turtlenecks aren’t cool:

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