Warm Fall? No Ice? Go Landyachting

One of the take-aways from last evening’s NEIYA go fast zoom seminar was that cockpit time is the best was to improve your sailing performance . Doesn’t matter if it’s on ice, sand or asphalt, but the very action of fast sailing on other mediums translates to faster sailing on ice (I hope…). Today, at an undisclosed top secret air base in Massachusetts, a handful if iceboaters and landsailors got some terrific cockpit time in a solid 15 gusting to 20.


On a recent post we featured a Lockey Skimmer tricked out for land sailing. It looked great standing still, and sailed very well most of the day. Sadly, the Lockley tubes weren’t up to the loads induced by the free standing Mini Skeeter rig. The Blowkarts, above, were flying 4.0 sq. m. sails while the Lockley was supporting a 5.5. Both tubes cracked right in the way of the mast step. But there was no mercy spared upon the old Lockley by either wind or skipper. She was driven hard all day, her heels well nipped by the Blowkarts. The whole idea was to search out the weak spots, and for that the conditions were perfect.


The Blokarts are planning to convert to iceboating for this coming season, so if you see these two sails on the ice go introduce yourself and welcome Mike and BB to the club.

Cold is coming…

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