Plymouth Pond 1.5 inches of powder, 0 MPH of wind

Had to check it out, loaded the DN onto the car this morning and drove on up. When I arrived there was a lone ice fishing couple out on the ice at 1130. I walked out and talked a bit, they had indeed hooked a couple of pickerel. I felt just a bit of a breeze so checked the windcast, found that they forecast a BIT of increase. So, I chose to set her up. I set the DN up and used my 3/16 inserts that were perfect as the powder depth was just shy of 1.5 inches. The wind increase as forecast was not happening so had a nice nap time in the sun on the ice. Then broke her down and loaded her up and drove south. I wanted to include a couple of photos, but having a bit of trouble with my wordpress skillset.

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