Black ice is breaking out everywhere after a few days of good solid cold. Chickawaukee has a half inch as does Great Pond, Unity Pond and Messalonski.

The south end of Damariscotta has also flashed. Our web cam at the north end is yet again AWOL. Sadly, it may be all for naught as the temps rise and rain and snow are coming. It will be in the high forties and raining on Christmas Day with no decent cold until after the first. The hottest year on record is showing no signs of cooling its heals at the finish. Wednesday is our only hope if the snow on Plymouth gets wetted out tomorrow.

But Dolby Pond, also known by the wonderful name of Dolby Flow, has four inches of ice as measured today. The northern part is older grey ice and the southern part is all think, hard and black. Sadly for sailors there is minimal wind until the weather moves through, at which point the plate will change. Also, it’s in Millinocket. Not that far, and very skateable. Thanks to Bob Lombardo for the tip.

Lac Ste. Francois in Quebec has also offered up four inches topped with a lovely frosting:

Sadly for us it might as well be Siberia. And sadly for the intrepid Quebecois there is zero wind forecast for at least two days. It’s been a tough year on many fronts, but this on top of it all?

That’s the situation in Maine. We wish all the DN racers at the Central Regionals in Michigan the best of luck and the strongest of winds.

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