Ice Reports

Denis and Frank had a great day behind the Covid Curtain:

Lac St-Francois in Lambton was just amazing today. Under the 1/2 snow cover, we have a grade 9 ice and even grade 10 in some areas. We scouted the ice and found 4-5 inches. Some darker spots in the snow were a bit thinner but nothing to be afraid of. And it was easy to sail around those darker areas. Wind was steady and perfect for the full Whizz rig.

So Frank and I sailed from 10:00 to 16:00. And you know us: no time to talk, let’s go sailing. That was a very smooth ride on such beautiful ice with many long hikes.

Boats are still on the ice. We should have an early wind tomorrow, fading in the early afternoon. After that: warm and rain on Christmas Day, followed by cold temps. It looks good for next week-end!

Meanwhile, here in Camden we had great skate sailing on Hosmer Pond, a small plate probably about the size Frank or Denis would have taken for one long gybe:


The grey snow ice was incredibly smooth, and just soft enough to have a good bite on the skate. The skimbat is at it’s best in these small tight areas, tacking and gybing continuously. Une pas de duex avec les vent.

And beacuase iceboaters like ice and to build stuff, here’s something to savor:
Stunning ice and snow sculptures emerge at China’s Harbin festival – YouTube

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