Greetings From the North Woods

As the old saw goes: “there is always ice somewhere”, and indeed there are two lakes near Jackman with sailable ice. Jackman, the Switzerland of Maine, is a delightful hour and a half from I-95 at Fairfield. Right in downtown Jackman is Wood Pond. We’ve seen this for years on the trips to Quebec but it’s usually snowed out. It has recently been snow covered, but made a half-hearted recovery and is 3-4″:

Once past the thin snow alongshore the ice clears out and we have lovely plate of smooth hard ice punctuated by what can best be described and ice cow patties. They can be sailed over but they are too crowded to sail around: skates and a skim bat were ok, an iceboat would be better, but bumpy. The big mountain just out of the frame to the right messes with the wind.

Fifteen miles before Jackman is Parlin Pond, a long skinny thing that runs along the road for a few miles. Lee Spiller stopped here years ago after our second day on Lac Joli was snowed out and skated the entire pond.
It had a much better recovery and the cow patties are thinner and fewer of them. The snow in the photo is thin and semi-bonded. The ice is 8″:


This is much better than it looks. There is a very small boat launch just at the entrance to the scenic turn-out as you approach the lake, at the south end. The edge is punky and planks will be required.

There is weather moving through tomorrow. It looks like some rain followed by snow. How much is unknown. If it survives, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best pick of the week. Here’s the web cam so we can all see it and either weep or whoop.

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  1. Kim Tuthill says:

    Be careful! A kitewing sailor fell though the ice today on Lake Waukewan, NH.

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