ice Report 1/8

Lake Wentworth, NH, reports 3-4″ with thin patchy snow. Boats will be sailing there tomorrow. Launch site unknown.

Lake Monomonac on the NH-MA border is in about the same shape and there will be boats there tomorrow. See for details.

Lake Damariscotta is frozen from the south end up to a little over half way to the narrows. Three inches grey ice with 50% snow cover. Big lead on the south side of Mark Island.

Unity Pond has a similar plate of ice with reportedly less snow. Will confirm thickness in the morning, but it’s said to be completely locked in.

The best winds of the above options are Dammy and Unity, with Unity the better ice of the two.. Similar winds forecast for Sunday as well.

Anyone interested in giving Unity a shot tomorrow?

Below is Graham Lake, near Ellsworth. Jim Turner descibes the surface as chunky.

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