Damariscotta Lake First Sail

Can you believe it? First of February: must be a record. A couple of desperados thought they could sail the north end from Lake Farm. Six inches of black ice covered with a half inch of apparently unbonded snow. But in trying to push a runner through the snow it became very clear that it wasn’t going to work. The wind was light. One of the guys had noticed on the way to the launch that a big patch of the south end that was open two days ago was now frozen.

With nothing better to do besides work, they thought to go have a look and take a poke at it. Turned out that part of the south end was locked in with 5″ of grey ice. Beyond that was the black. They walked over to have a look and found 2.75″ of clear, hard black ice. A rare bird this season. A nice breeze out of the north piped up, so again with nothing better to do, why not rig up and do some sailing. Access was a challenge, but they found an off-season camp with a tiny beach.

Not only was it a first for Dammy, it was the first pits of the year aside from Sabattus out of the wind and in the sun. They would have been happy just to set up the boats and then pack up, just for the pleasure.

But as Frank says, are we here to assemble boats or are we here to sail? The grey ice was a tiny plate bounded by snow and slush and the Black Ice, which was not so tiny. So they sailed until the wind died ahead of the storm.

Bob Lombardo also found some great ice on the Penobscot River and adjacent woods. Turn up the sound:

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    Thank you for this. Always a pleasure.. Meanwhile, progress on “Quantuck” continues during the raging Nor’easter. Will


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