Sailing in Snow

One of the most common questions from people curious about iceboating is if we can sail in the snow. We hem and haw about bonded vs. unbonded and maximum depths,etc, and about loosing split rings and clevis pins in the powder. But the deal deal breaker is the loads on the boat. Unless you’re sailing a Monotype or the Mary B. the loads really build up in all the wrong places.

A DN sailor on Lake George learned this the hard way today.

Here we are having a great time doing power slides in the snow as if to say not only am I sailing in it, I am dominating it!

Next slide please:

We must admire the guy’s spirit. Snow is all we have all over, so if there’s a breeze on a sunny day our insides just cry out to go sailing. We attempted it ourselves here last week to no avail, probably thankfully. Not much of a recovery anywhere in the forecast, but the cold snap coming might button up lakes on Cape Cod. So for now, just relax and make a snow man or go skiing.

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