Dammy Day Three

Ice less rough, sun less warm, wind still full on: another great day. Marks were set in the morning and the first Mini Skeeter Easterns were attempted. Three boats lined up, and it was a close duel between the top two boats. Race one was a photo finish dead heat tie. Race two was Chris Malliet’s, second Bob MacEwen, third Bobby Able. There was no race three because we all decided to go touring in the south end to find a nice spot for lunch. A splendid cruise ensued, hitting all the smoothest plates. Most of the fleet sailed at similar speeds, we stayed close, and the racing was sublime. Who need marks when you have islands?

Lighter winds for tomorrow; it might be the last day as it tapers down to light and variable Sunday. Marks are still up!

And the latest from Bob at Webster:

“7 boats on friday wind 15+ some bionick runs back at it tomorrow winds 10 to 13, sailing my ass off until it melts next week.”

Bob S

Regarding Winnipesaukee, Hard Way is being SCOUTED: no sailing event planned at this TIME! Once the wind dies Sunday a warm spell sets in. If the lake comes out the other end smelling like roses, them we’ll have something.

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