Lake St. George still ON

With some of the best ice of the season, and a very high islands/broads ratio this lake is sublime. We sailed in near Winni winds today, bringing back wonderful memories of that amazing sail last Monday. We scouted each cove, straight and narrow and found not one ridge, crack or hole. Full bore balls to wall sailing to wherever you pointed the boat. Well, there was one hole, but it won’t be an issue unless you sail into it.
Long wide gybes around a series of small islands led to a deep, fast reach to a back door around large island. A few short tacks put you on a very fast reach across the broads to a peel away around another island. From there you could see the top mark island two miles to windward. All this with the full March sun and a couple of good sailing buddies.

When we posed this shot the bows were head to wind. That’s how shifty it was.

Boats are on the ice. Less wind and more warmth tomorrow, both building in unison, sadly. We’ll get what we get, as always.

Thanks to Bill Bunting for scouting this plate and keeping us up to date on its condition.

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