Spring Has Sprung

How is it, in this chaotic and crazy world, that the last day of the general iceboating season should end on the first day of spring? Is that not just too perfect? What do we do tomorrow, start gardening? So it would seem. Even at Millinockett there are no nightime temps below freezing for the coming week. Great for wetting out but not hardening up. Greenville is slightly more hopeful, but not great.

Today at Lake St. George was just about as good a spring day of sailing that could be had. Boats from New York and Mt. Desert and just around the corner. A bunch of wing sailors and a gaggle of skaters. The lake was alive with the sound of sails. Our wonderful island roundings took on new angles in the west wind. As always this time of year, the earlybirds got the best ice, and those with slush runners had the most fun in the last hurrahs.

Up north Frank and Denis found decent conditions today on Lac Ste Francois. They sailed well up the lake and met a gang in DN’s heading south from Thedford Mines. They parleyed a while, but as the ice was softening they didn’t hang around too long. They hope for a sunrise cruise tomorrow before things warm up. (see above!)

Spring meeting tentatively planned for early May. Hopefully most of us will be fully vaccinated by then and we can enjoy our awesome pot luck. Details to follow.

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