Moosehead Lake Ice Report

Bob Lombardo skated from The Birches over to Farm Island, down to Kineo and then up to the north end. He reports an interesting ice sandwich. The top 6-8″ is hard black ice, as you can see in this video. Then he hit a layer of softer, wet ice and the hole slowly filled with water. He’s sure he was no where close to getting through the entire thickness.

Moosehead Spring Ice

We surmise it was all soft, but in the recent cold it’s freezing from the top down. Good enough for an iceboat.

There’s some styrofoam along shore, but the plate it tight to the beach and might even be drivable. Bob found the best ice out in the middle of the lake and he says he felt very small out there.
We have permission to launch at The Birches, and they are open for accommodations but we missed the bar and restaurant by a week. Kelly’s Landing in Greenville Junction is open and has both rooms and food, but the ice at the south end of the lake is not as good, so if we go the launch will be The Birches.

But there is a weather maker moving through Thursday. It’s bringing rain, and there’s a chance it will change to snow at some point as we begin the decent into colder temps over the weekend. So we know we have ice, we know we can get a drink at Kelly’s, and we know folks want to come sailing over the weekend. Winds seem on the lighter side at this point.

Hopefully we’ll know something conclusive late Thursday and will post an update here. If we get the go-ahead, all three days look great.

Tip of the hemet to Bob Lombardo, who hauled his skating gear out of summer storage to check this ice for us!

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